Produzione di integratori alimentari per l'infanzia



Founded in 1969 with seat in Marsala, Biotrading takes care of children’s health. Leading company in the production of food supplements and other products destined to the infancy and childhood, it uses innovative technological solutions and pharmaceutical techniques which are applied to the nutrients. The security of our products is guaranteed by the quality controls and the production certificates released to the raw materials we use. [Read More..]

”Production of “Dedicated Products”

<span class="light">”Production</span> of “Dedicated Products”

The research activity never stops. Beyond taking use of its own chemists and biologists in the production site in Tavernelle ( Florence ), the Company boasts important external consultances through meetings with the Universities. [Read More..]

Exclusive Production Process

<span class="light">Exclusive</span> Production Process

At the basis of every successful pharmaceutical therapy there is the achievement of effective concentrations of the active ingredient in the action site and Biotrading has always paid special attention to the right absorption of its own food supplements. These, under the form of micellar solutions, allow the right absorprion of the vitamins ( contained in the micells) [Read More..]

Our Products

Cobalavit drops
13,80 12,00

13,80 12,00+

Folium drops
18,50 15,90

18,50 15,90+

Jo 18 cream
18,50 15,90

18,50 15,90+

Panavit drops
18,50 15,90

18,50 15,90+

Proton drops
16,50 14,20

16,50 14,20+

Sisonal solution
14,00 12,00

14,00 12,00+

Vigor forte
15,50 13,30

15,50 13,30+

Vigor drops
15,00 12,90

15,00 12,90+