Produzione di integratori alimentari per l'infanzia

Pediatric Area

A product line designed for the prophylaxis of the infant’s first year of life and for the possible deficiencies that may occur. This product line is the result of a cooperation between Biotrading and the most important Italian Research Institutes and of both Biotrading’s experience and years of studies in this field.
Biotrading is a company that produces food supplements for the infancy since 1969.
For all the products of this line, the company adopts technological solutions which are unique and patented in order to ameliorate the intrinsic characteristics of absorption and functionality.
The acceptance of the cure, the so-called compliance, is the most important characteristic that a product -destined to children in pediatric age- must have.
Biotrading invests its best resources to increase the products’ compliance of this line that have the following goals:

  •  furnish the best possible formula;
  •  pay especially attention to the palatability and the taste;
  • decrease the number and the volume of the daily intakes;
  • increase the products’ handleability and security.


Food supplements for vegans
Oral re-hydration therapies
Caries’ prevention and oral hygiene
Immunostimulation and common cold diseases
Reconstituents and appetite stimulants